Saturday, May 15

Happy Wedding Anniversary

The V. and I celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary yesterday. It was almost a 2 day anniversary celebration because Thursday was a public holiday here in Germany. We had a lazy Thursday, sleeping in, watching tv and going online.In the evening we watched an Opera in Frankfurt called Lucia di Lammermoor - as usual as in most Italian opera, it was a tragic love story. The music was really great and the actors were wonderful in their performance. Later before the third act, they needed to change one of the actors because he had some problems with his voice. Lucky for us because the guy who replaced him was much better! Hmm.. I wonder why he is not the one performing.Oh yes and I tried to take a picture during the performance and what do you know - a man, tapped me on the shoulder and told me I am not allowed to take a picture. I was so shocked that I did not take any picture at all. Later I realised, there really is no sign at all that it's not allowed - of course I would not use a flash. So finally I was able to take a picture but at the end of the show. Here are some pictures:

On Friday, the V and I had a lunch date. I had another holiday because schools were also cancelled because of the holiday in between. The V. just took an hour and half from work and we had such a fabulous lunch!Yum, I  love my paella! It was so much I could not eat everything and I know later that evening The V and I are going to have a special dinner.

The V surprised me with a bunch of  flowers :) I love freesias!
Then in the evening - we went to a wonderful wine restaurant in Frankfurt - it was so nice and cozy. The food was yummy and the wine was good, just the way I wanted it. The waitress was very competent when I told her what kind of wine I wanted - perfect! I thought I don't like french wines but it seems I just have not been given the right one till last night.


kg said...

happy anniversary to the two of you! mor years of togetherness! mwah!

kayni said...

happy anniversary and wish you two all the best. i haven't had paella in a while, must have been a treat :). have a great week.

lilay said...

happy anniversary,more love,good health and more years together!!!

Vlado&Toni said...

kg - thanks, yes indeed, hopefully more decades to celebrate!

kayni - yummy! i love paella - it's so tedious to do it and you have to get all those ingredients so i'd rather get it from the restaurant :)

lilay - thanks. hey did you check that fish restaurant i told you about in frankfurt?

sueisfine said...

Congrats on your 8th anniversary Vlado & Toni! Cheers! Su & Daniel