Thursday, June 3

May came and went

It was a very busy month -  I found myself not blogging as always about my whereabouts. I hope my blogger friends, family and friends from all over who frequent this blog have not abandoned me- yet :) I am still here - just getting a bit lazy and neglecting my blog sometimes.

So with the month of May coming and going and me failing to document some of it- I could let you know about some of  our future plans and escapades for the months or weeks ahead.

The V. will have his birthday the coming weekend :) we have not actually made plans yet but would probably enjoy a nice day - hopefully the weather will turn out well. Lately the weather here in Germnay is so unpredictable.. rain and shine and that means literally!

Work will be over this month of June - hurra  for me! But then it would not be spent  lazing out in the sun - I will have my big  written exam for my ongoing Montessori Diploma which means I need to go back to London to do a 2 day exam. Suddenly the city of London only brings me stress. Then back to work again mid August.

However in the mid of my exam preparation The V. and I will go to Bulgaria to celebrate his mom's 70th birthday -  we would be staying there for a week so we are looking forward to that!

Good news indeed - my boss finally gave me a pay increase, it's not really much, it's 10% increase of what I am earning at the moment (which is really, really peanuts) but still it is an increase and like The V. said I should just be thankful. According to my boss - the rest will just get 3% but with their 3% and my 10 - they still have more.. hahaha.. oh well! She did gave me a special bonus last time and still pays half of my tuition.

The V. is doing well with his new job, he is happy with it and so far he is not so much on business trips like in his previous, previous work.

So far those are the things that would keep us busy. I still have a lot of work to do before school year ends - and I hope to finish them all in time.


kayni said...

i'm still here and i understand how busy our lives can be. congratulations on the increase. anything helps, even

Vlado&Toni said...

Thanks Kayni for keeping in touch and having the patience and time to drop by.. it has been really nice knowing you and being blog friends with you :) who knows one day our paths will cross? ;)

witsandnuts said...

I've been neglecting my blog too (and catching up on bloghopping) because I am too consumed by work. Congratulations on the pay increase!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Layrayski said...

i guess most of us have been neglecting our blogs hihihi and we're still here once in a while pa rin :)