Thursday, April 28

Mama in Germany

My mom's here since Monday. She is having a wonderful time and enjoying all the things around her. It seems everything is just so new to her..We brought her immediately to Frankfurt and showed her a bit of  the  town.

I even made a new blog for her so if you are interested to see it, you can check it out here.

I figured if I put all her pictures and stories,  I might end up maximizing my picture storage. I will still write the stories but it will be basically about the things she would see and do with us of course.


kayni said...

this is wonderful...i'm sure your mom's having a great time.

Grace de Castro said...

toni, you look like your mom! :)

i hope she enjoys her stay there!

[miss ko tuloy mother ko!]

Toni said...

@kayni - naku she is really having a wonderful time.. this is even jus the start.. she still has about 10 more weeks here

@Grace - oo nga no? pinagbiyak daw (",) yup i know these are really precious times.. sorry to make you a bit sad..

Gattina said...

That's wonderful that you mom finally could come over !!
If ever you come to Brussels, let me know !