Tuesday, April 19

Project Garden

Was watching one of those shows in the television and they featured about Guerilla Gardening in Spain. Basically it is gardening in public spaces.. places that are normally left in the city..and a few people in Madrid I think decided to make use of the land and planted some vegetables.. This got me inspired to make a small vegetable patch in my garden. If this works I might turn out the rest of the space into a real vegetable garden. Well let's just see how this goes.. I am at the moment in Munich so there is nobody watering my plants and I just hope they are not dead yet especially those I was leaving to germinate..

 A treasure we found buried deep in the earth.. I wonder what this thing is? Just pure concrete!

 phew! this wasn't any easy work

 And some of the seeds I am trying to grow.. which me luck.. they are coriander, sweet basil, peppers and tomatoes.. when I left they were sprouting so I hope that continues.. and that it is not as warm as it is here there back home.


kayni said...

your garden is bigger than mine. i only use a corner garden. i still haven't started mine. we've been getting a lot of rain. i'm hoping after Easter the weather gets warmer. i can't wait to start my garden.

Vlado&Toni said...

hi kayni - i think it only appears to be bigger than it is in reality..:) nevertheless i am really happy for having it.. the sun has been shining here like it's summer.. so beautiful.. :) Happy Easter and wishing you all the best!