Monday, November 28

Other Stuff

Aside from that - there are other things going on around this corner of the world - first in the next few weeks we are going on our holiday to the Philippines. Finally! After planning this for the last 3 years it is happening - The V and I are very excited. We have bought almost all our presents and stuff we might need, we just need to pack our clothes and we are set. It will be a wonderful time spending the holidays with family and a few special friends.

I got a mini promotion at work and almost changed jobs as well - quite exciting actually but still lots of work and drama with colleagues - nothing new at all.

Birthday 2011

I haven't been blogging for the longest time so I thought I should pay this poor blog of mine a visit and document bits and pieces of our lives - my memory is not that dependable anymore and I could rely on my posts here to remind me of the things I did in the past.

Anyway, for this year - my 40th which happened some time in October, a good friend of mine organized a surprise breakfast get together with some friends. What   a lovely idea! I did not do anything on my party and et I got so much present and a free breakfast ;) wonderful friends indeed! 
Here's my dear friend S. who organized the breakfast.

 Some of my guests.
 Here with The V.
 Look at me - that's about 17 years ago - taken before graduation.
 Look at the size of that breakfast! You get a whole tower thing just for yourself. Look how happy my friends were on this picture :)

 Such a lovely gift from A. - paper for scrapbooking!
Purple pillows from my friend 
Me and The V. taken in Worms, we took a little drive to enjoy the crisp autumn afternoon.

 Birthday dinner at one of our favourite tapas place - nothing fancy but still really good.
 Hey, birthday girl!
 Flowers from colleagues
 Beautiful flowers from colleagues

 Again beautiful presents from my birthday breakfast

 Flowers from The V
 I did not get any presents from the V nor did we celebrate this 40th birthday - maybe we would do it in the Philippines or celebrate it another way somehow this year. Nevertheless it was a wonderful day - spent part of it cooking for the homeless as well so that kind of brought something good to it too. Indeed it was a happy birthday!

Friday, August 12

Summer of 2011

Summer of 2011 will be officially over for me this coming Sunday because I am going back to work after 7 weeks of school holidays! Yes, that's  a lot of holidays! But it really went quite fast for me  because I have been up and about as always

The first 3 weeks were with my mom and then my in laws - we travelled to Rome and Paris

The fourth week was with my in laws - stayed at home and did sightseeing around.

The fifth, sixth and seventh week were spent writing my papers again!


Yup that was it - I am so tired of writing.. I am by the way not yet 100 % done - just the important ones that is.

It has been so far a very busy summer - can't wait for the next break .. haha.. work is going to be exciting once again, lots of dramas and intrigues between colleagues and school politics.. what's new!?! just hoping all the kids are safe and happy and the parents happy and thanksful for the job that we do!

Saturday, July 30

Hello Blogworld!

Hi there dear friends! Goodness it has been such a long time that I haven't been able to blog. I was busy with my mom's blog containing her adventures here in Germany and Europe that I just did not have the time to write on my own blog. Anyway, she is back home since almost 2 weeks. Soon I will be able to keep this blog running once again. As for me it is summer holidays and since I am a teacher yes I have a very long summer holiday - well  who knows till when since my school is cutting lots of holidays. So anyway, just enjoying and I have 2 more weeks to do my tasks. I still have some writing to do for my diploma.. I just did not had the chance, the energy and the motivation to finish it while my mom was here. So far so good actually as I have written already 2 papers in one week! My goal is to finish them all till school starts in 2 weeks (ok that's also the last deadline).

At the moment my in-laws are also here, it's their last day actually today. So we've actually had guests continuosly the last 3 and half months. I think this house feels a bit strange with just 2 people in it.

Well that's all for now. Will be posting more soon! See you all and will be definitely visiting your blogs soon.

Wednesday, June 15

Just checking in

Hello Blogworld, so sorry for not updating this blog but my mom's blog is taking so much of my time nowadays so if you want to browse through you can check out that blog

Summer break is fast approaching  - we are heading for a lot of trips the next few days from Ffm to Munich and many other German towns nearby then to Rome and back to Ffm then Paris.. whew!

Hopefully I will get to update this blog again afterwards.

Saturday, May 7

Trips with Mom

I've been enjoying the last few days with my mom. It is so nice to have someone to talk to all the time at home when The V is gone off from work .. but even better than that, it is so nice to have home cooked meals! Mom also takes care of me as well -  coffee in the morning and ironed clothes as well the next day :) well I told her she does not need to but she wants to keep herself occupied when I am not at home. She has been very independent as well doing things herself - shopping, going to the library, the pharmacy and other stuff. She does not care even if she does not speak German at all! So proud of her.. I have met some people much younger than her who are very scared to get out of their houses and just wait for families or partner because they don't speak the German language..

What we are now trying to do is do some trips during the weekends. So far so good - the weather has been really nice and this is her second weekend - she might have some expectations to see more of the neighboring countries ( like Paris and Rome for examples) but we want to show her Germany first. There are just too many things to see here and I repeat it - Germany is just so under rated when it comes to its tourism.. so many things to do and see here.

Today we went along the Mosel River and Mosel River - it was a beautiful day. Amazing that it is still early May.

Thursday, April 28

Mama in Germany

My mom's here since Monday. She is having a wonderful time and enjoying all the things around her. It seems everything is just so new to her..We brought her immediately to Frankfurt and showed her a bit of  the  town.

I even made a new blog for her so if you are interested to see it, you can check it out here.

I figured if I put all her pictures and stories,  I might end up maximizing my picture storage. I will still write the stories but it will be basically about the things she would see and do with us of course.

Monday, April 25

Easter 2011

The V. and I were having some coffee today and were just saying how quiet it is .. it's the Easter holidays and most people are somewhere.. especially with the wonderful weather.. We just realised that we actually don't spend Easter here so much that we have not taken notice of this wonderful empty city. There were parking spots everywhere and you can have a choice of the best seats in your favourite coffee shops and restaurants! So just so I can remember it -  this year 2011 Easter.. we enjoyed a quiet lunch and afternoon in Ffm.

We started thinking about our last Easters.. one of the best we've had were with friends L and N in Belgium... we even missed the time change.. so on the way to the church, we met people who were shaking their heads mumbling "oh they had the wrong time???!! ". To save the situation we decided to hurry and go to the Cathedral instead.. at least I was able to get some personal blessings from the Archbishop or Cardinal of Belgium.. hmmm not sure now..

Just an update - the seeds i am trying to germinate for my garden are doing well. I will be transfering them soon ... hopefully this week, so I can use the pots for my next seeds.. These are coriander seeds, sweet basil, tomatoes, celery and bell peppers.. ..

This is our front garden, do you see that green bush on the left side? This whole area was covered with snow last winter up to the height of that bush.. amazingly the plants made it.. I got some beautiful tulips this year... I planted them last October and I think a lot of them turn up..